Sermons by Pastor Marlan Knittel

Clarissa Sproul

Redwood Camp Meeting 2008

Clarissa Sproul

Marlan and I have been greatly blessed by the teachings of Clarissa Sproul. We were privileged to hear this series at Redwood Camp Meeting in 2008, while we were dating!

Whether you are a baby Christian or a long-timer, you will find much in these messages to challenge you to grow and mature in Christ.

If you feel like you're somehow numb and just going through the motions, and wish your spiritual life had more depth and realness, this series is for you!

If you wish to improve your relationships, this is also for you!

If you are discouraged with the pace of your growth (or seeming complete absence of it!), you will find that Clarissa's exhortations are sprinkled with a liberal dose of grace, encouragement and hope.

We pray that you'll be as blessed as we've been by these teachings.